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October 18, 2017

The Annual Conference for ICT Professionals 2017 (AIPC-17) is a platform for discussion, networking and raising awareness to ICT professionals and stakeholders on the global ICT affairs and skills needed by Tanzanians to cope with the dynamic digital economy. This year’s conference is the commencement of a series of annually held ICT Professionals Conference to be organised by the ICT Commission to discuss on topical developments in ICT especially on how to transform the dynamic growth of ICT into an opportunity for digital industrial development in Tanzania. The theme of this year’s conference is “Building the Tanzania Digital Industrial Economy”.

AIPC-17 seeks to strengthen the synergy between the Tanzanian ICT Professionals and other ICT stakeholders towards the advancement of professional competency and business development in the Tanzanian ICT Industry.  The conference will be a two days event held on 26th -27th October 2017 in Dar es Salaam at the Julius Nyerere International Conference Centre. The conference among other issues will discuss the following issues:

a.    Principals of profession accreditation in ICT: An introduction on the ICT Professionals Accreditation Framework outlining the recognition procedures and continuous skills development plan for ICT Professionals in Tanzania will be presented for discussion and adoption by participants.

b.    Trust and confidence in digital industrial economy: The conference will also examine the emerging global trends in the context of Cyber security and digital forensics and what further needs to be done to strengthen cyber security ecosystem in Tanzania and skills set needed towards achieving a truly secure and trustworthy cyberspace. 

c.    Challenges and opportunities with evolving technologies: how can Internet of Things (IoT) can shape the future organizations and socio-economic development of Tanzania. The impact of IoT to individuals and businesses, and arising opportunities will be outlined. The future of Cloud and Big Data in Tanzania; the opportunities and challenges to the ICT industry, looking into Data Analytics in Cloud, Public Key Infrastructure, Artificial intelligence, and how the ICT industry can leverage open and big data will be topical discussions.

d.   Smart cities in digital industrial era: Innovation towards Smart Cities, how Governance must change to enable Smart City initiatives, role of public, private and development partners towards intelligent sustainable cities, technologies shaping the smart cities and how to position ICT towards Smart Cities will be presented.

e.    Digital agenda for Tanzania: Trends of digital transformation and its impact on future businesses and organization models will be held.

f.     Jobs and entrepreneurship in ICT: The Future Enterprise; Innovation Strategies and initiatives promoting new forms of Enterprises in the Digital Economy. What need to be done by ICT stakholders to enhance ICT Business innovation in Tanzania?

g.    Role of Private Sector in Mobilizing ICTs for social-economic development: The role of the private sector in mobilizing ICTs to achieve the country's Development Goals will be discussed.

Participants to the Annual Conference for ICT Professionals will include ICT Professionals from both public and private sector, Senior Government Officials, Experts from ICT industry, Representatives from NGO’s, Academia, ICT Partners, Donor agencies, multinational and local ICT Companies

The outcomes of the conference is awareness to ICT Professionals on the global ICT industry set up, developments and existing ICT skills demand. ICT business promotion and investment opportunities towards a successful digital industrial economy in Tanzania is also considered the important outcome of the conference. Finally, advice resulting from deliberations from stakeholders and ICT Professionals will be shared with the Government for consideration towards successful ICT development in Tanzania. 

The conference is hosted by the Information and Communication Technology Commission, the government ICT promotion body under auspices of the Ministry of Works, Transport and Communications established in November 2015. The ICT Commission has been mandated to coordinate implementation of the National ICT Policy through fostering investment in ICT, build capacity and promote ICT professionals, advice and collaborate with other stakeholders through ICT research and foresight.
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