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September 17, 2009

Steven Charles Kanumba is my name, i was born in a Christian family of 2 girls and i happen to be the last born and the only boy to Mr. & Mrs. Charles Meshark Kanumba.

I was given birth on january 8th 1984. I originate from Shinyanga region in Tanzania. I am Sukuma by Tribe. I completed my Primary Education in Bugoyi Primary School in Shinyanga. After completing my primary education i started my secondary education right away in Mwadui Seminary Secondary School in shinyanga where by i shifted to Dar-es-salaam Christian Seminary Secondary school here in Dar-es-salaam when i was still in form II and complete my O-Level Education there. Thereafter i moved to Jitegemee Sec. School to complete my A. Level Education.

Growing up, acting has always been something that i really liked to do. Apart from that i also liked singing and that made me grave to be an artist while i was still in teens, still in school ie. i started acting in church a lot of people told me i had a talent so i decided to join Kaole Sanaa Group which delt with Acting. After joining Kaole Sanaa Group i met different Teachers from Bagamoyo and other College who helped me to build up my career of Acting for a period of 1 year, after that i got a special Training from University of Dar es salaam Under Doctor Nyoni for about 3 months therefore i was sure to go to work and indulge myself in Soap Operas/Series. i then took acting as my career. Little by little i got to win peoples' attention which made me work even harder and become successful.

After all the hard work that i kept in series i decided to play a part in movies so i took a step forward and associate myself in film industry. i happen to do a lot of movies that did very well in the market and i'm still doing movies up today and it just get better day by day. in addition to this i archieved a lot through my hard work that is prestigious awards, travel across different countries, working with people from different part of the world meeting different people and learn new things and experiencing different life.

I also got to get to work with Nollywood in Nigeria where by i did more than five movies with famous actors from Nolllywood, it was the wonderfull experience. I also got a chance to Visit The United States of America and there is where i got the experience of a lifetime i got visit Hollywood, Warner Bros Pictures, Universal Studios and Disney Land, i learnt a lot i met people who work there so i got to ask alot of Quaestions and gained a lot of knowledge.

Speaking about me as Steven Kanumba i'm a very down to earthguy i like hanging out with my friends and i like to associates myself with people, i love children with all my life, i'm just a simple guy, i'm not outgoing a lot, i love going to movies and just be chilled out and relaxed places. I'm not married for the time being but i am in a commitment in the name of God i hope that one day we will get married.

I would like to end with my most sincerly appreciation, first and foremost i would like to thank God Almighty for giving and Blessing me a beautiful talent cause apart from acting being my Job, it also happen to be something i love doing and when i am at it i do it with passion.
I would also like to thank my whole family but special appreciation goes to the most beautiful woman in the whole world that happened to be my mother (I Love you Mom) would also like to thank Game 1st Quality Tanzania Limited and again special thank to my brother, my executive Producer and my Advicer Mr. Mtitu G. Game and His Wife. I Would like to thank all the Artist, Producers and Directors i have worked with. Also my special Thanks to my sister Sharifa Kalala in USA and Sanura Hussein in Denmark. Most Importantly, i would lastly like to thank all my fans from different part of the world, thank you all very much for supporting me, I LOVE YOU all and God bless you.
Steven Kanumba.
Biography hii ni kwamujibu wa tovuti ya
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