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February 23, 2019

Mkurugenzi wa Masoko wa Airtel Tanzania, Isaac Nchunda, akizungumza wakati wa uzinduzi wa promosheni ya  ‘Dabo Data na Smatika’ itakayomwezesha mteja  wa Airtel Money kupata mara mbili ya bando kwa gharama ileile ya sh 2000, Dar es Salaam jana. Kushoto ni Meneja Uhusiano na Mawasiliano wa  kampuni hiyo, Jackson Mmbando.
Mkurugenzi wa Masoko wa Airtel Tanzania, Isaac Nchunda, akionyesha bango la promosheni ya  ‘Dabo Data na Smatika’ wakatin wa uzindulzi wa promosheni hiyo Dar es Salaam jan, Dabo Data na SMATIKA itamwezesha mteja  wa Airtel Money kupata mara mbili ya bando kwa bei ile ile y ash 2000. Kushoto ni Meneja Uhusiano na Mawasiliano wa kampuni hiyo, Jackson Mmbando.

Airtel Tanzania, the Smartphone Network, today launched a new offer called ‘Dabo Data na SMATIKA’. It allows Airtel Money customers to purchase bundles via Airtel Money.

Speaking in Dar es Salaam while announcing the launch of the new offer, Airtel Tanzania Marketing Director Isaac Nchunda said that with Dabo Data na SMATIKA bundle, "Our customers will be able to enjoy 2GB  for only Tsh 2,000 instead of 1GB previously, this bundle will also be valid for three days". Nchunda explained that, “Recently TCRA Mobile money statistics report shows that number of customers using Mobile Money has increased tremendously from 21 million user’s in December 2017 to 23 million user’s in December 2018, causing Airtel to look at different ways of being most innovative in its service offerings and leading industry growth”.

“Airtel Tanzania remains committed in investing and bringing reliable, innovative, relevant and affordable services and products to win the delight of our customers” opined Nchunda.

To his  part, Airtel Public Relations Manager Jackson Mmbando remarked on the launch as another milestone as Airtel Money continues to transform lives, “We are seeing more and more customers using our Airtel Money services. From today any Airtel customer can purchase Airtel Money Dabo Data Bundle by dialing Yatosha menu *149*99# select 1 then ‘Dabo Data na SMATIKA’. Also customers can be able to decide his/her Dabo Data bundles by directly dialing Airtel Money menu *150*60# then select 2".

“These options offer both convenience and more value for money. We are now typically offering our customers an extra bundle of the same kind for free. The new offer will see Airtel customers continue to enjoy the convenience offered by Airtel Money services.”

Airtel has invested a lot in the growth of our Airtel Money services. So far we have over 500 Airtel Money branches across the country and this shows our commitment to support financial inclusion by bringing Airtel services and products closer to our customers. "Our plan is to continue to build a strong, reliable agent network with an array of services that can be accessed through our Airtel Money branches", insisted Mmbando.
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