Nafasi Ya Matangazo

May 02, 2016

Auric Air flight no. 102 experienced a minor incident on April 30th, 2016 on landing in Bukoba. The pilot noticed the aircraft was losing directional control on landing only to realise lack of tyre pressure on the right main tyre as a result of a puncture on the landing roll.

The aircraft was stopped within the airport areas designed to stop the aircraft under the circumstances. 

Contrary to what is being published on some outlets, we want to assure the public that all was under control. The pilot was in control and did a great job.

Neither the passengers suffered any injury nor the aircraft suffered any damage.

Our company engineer is already in Bukoba to change the tyre and push back the aircraft on paved surface. It will resume operation once a thorough check has been done for any latent damage.


 Auric Air Services Ltd.
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Nafasi Ya Matangazo